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salmon & rod


- The Method of Fishing is Fly Fishing Only whatever the height or colour of the water.

- Anglers must remain on their allocated beat(s) as indicated on the map.

- Permits will be checked on a daily basis by the Estate or River Don Bailiffs.

- There shall be no poaching by whatever means or by fishing an interesting pool beyond the beat boundary.

Penalties for poaching:

One season ban for the first offence.

Lifetime ban for the second offence.

Criminal Prosecution by the police.

- Do not leave any litter or unwanted fishing tackle behind.

- There shall be full observance of the Country Code and the River Don Conservation Policy.

- Anglers should report the number and size of any fish caught (including NIL returns) to the Monymusk Estate Office below.

- All Salmon are Catch and Release Only.

- The Trout fishing bag limit is 6 (6 Trout may be kept).

- Please return all Trout which are:

(a) UNDER 30cm/12 inches LONG.

(b)  OVER 900g/2 pounds in WEIGHT. 

(as recommended by professional fly-fishermen Paul Proctor & Richard Tong)

- Permits for Trout or Salmon/Trout fly-fishing are available to book via the Fishpal website. For Beats 1 and 2 only please contact the Estate Office below.

The Estate Office 
Monymusk, Inverurie
AB51 7HL
Tel: +44 (0)1467 651333 Fax: +44 (0)1467 651250